“Three Shots in the Dark”: ’20/20′ Reports on Anna Moriah Wilson Homicide January 5 2024

In May 2022, the cycling community was rocked by the tragic news of Anna Moriah Wilson’s untimely death. Wilson, a promising young cyclist known for infusing fresh energy into the emerging sport of gravel racing, was gunned down in Austin, Texas, under mysterious circumstances. The crime, occurring just days before a major race, marked a somber moment in the sport’s history. Wilson’s last known interaction was with fellow cyclist Colin Strickland, with whom she had a brief romantic relationship before reverting to a platonic friendship. As authorities delved into the investigation, they quickly zeroed in on a suspect: Kaitlin Armstrong, Strickland’s on-and-off girlfriend.

20/20 Episode “Three Shots in the Dark”

ABC News’ chief national correspondent Matt Gutman took on the task of unraveling the complex web surrounding this grisly murder. His investigation led him through the intricate details of the case, shedding light on the 43-day cross-state and international manhunt for Armstrong, and culminating in the trial that reached its verdict in November 2023.

In a compelling two-hour episode of “20/20,” titled “Three Shots in the Dark,” airing on Friday, January 5, 2024, Gutman presents a comprehensive narrative of the events. The episode features exclusive interviews with key figures connected to the case. Among them is Mike Armstrong, Kaitlin’s father, whose perspective offers a unique insight into the background of the accused. Nicole Mertz, a former friend of Kaitlin, also features prominently in the episode. Mertz played a crucial role in the investigation, tipping off the police about disturbing comments Kaitlin allegedly made about Moriah Wilson.

Further adding to the depth of the narrative are interviews with a neighbor at the crime scene, who provided authorities with key surveillance videos, crucial in piecing together the events of that fateful night. The episode also marks the first public interviews with Jose Garza, the Travis County district attorney, and prosecutors Rickey Jones and Guillermo Gonzalez, who led the legal battle in this high-profile case.

“20/20” also reaches beyond the borders of the United States. Interviews with Kaitlin’s neighbors in Costa Rica, including one who witnessed her arrest, are part of the episode. These interviews offer a glimpse into Armstrong’s life as a fugitive and the moments leading up to her capture.

The murder of Anna Moriah Wilson and the subsequent investigation and trial captured the attention of the nation, raising questions about the intertwining of personal relationships and professional sports, as well as the broader implications for the safety and well-being of athletes. This episode of “20/20” promises to deliver an in-depth analysis of one of the most talked-about criminal cases in recent cycling history, providing viewers with a detailed look at the tragedy that befell a rising star in the sport and the extensive efforts to bring her killer to justice.

Background: The Victim and the Perpetrator

In the world of professional cycling, Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson was a name synonymous with promise and talent. A skilled gravel racer, Wilson was rapidly ascending the ranks, marking her presence in the sport. However, her journey was tragically cut short in May 2022, in Austin, Texas, just days before a major race. This case, marked by jealousy and a complicated love triangle, has captivated public attention and cast a somber shadow over the cycling community.

Anna Moriah Wilson, born on May 18, 1996, in Littleton, New Hampshire, emerged from a family of athletes. A former nationally ranked junior skier, Wilson shifted her focus to gravel cycling, a burgeoning discipline in professional cycling. Her ascent in the sport was remarkable, underpinned by a dedication honed during her time at Dartmouth College, from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering. Before fully committing to cycling, Wilson worked at Specialized, a role she eventually left to pursue her cycling career full-time.

Kaitlin Armstrong, born November 21, 1987, in Livonia, Michigan, pursued a career as a yoga instructor and real estate agent. Her relationship with Colin Strickland, a professional cyclist, was marked by intermittent breaks and reconciliations. It was during one of these separations that Strickland briefly dated Wilson, setting the stage for the tragic events that followed.

The Incident: A Jealous Rage

On May 11, 2022, Wilson was staying in Austin, Texas, preparing for an upcoming race. That evening, she was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds. The investigation quickly turned towards Kaitlin Armstrong, Strickland’s girlfriend, as the primary suspect. Surveillance footage linked Armstrong to the crime scene, and further investigation revealed a tangled web of relationships and jealousy.

Manhunt and Trial: International Chase and Conviction

Armstrong evaded arrest for 43 days, fleeing to Costa Rica and attempting to start a new life under an alias. She altered her appearance and engaged in activities such as teaching yoga. However, her run from the law ended with her arrest in Costa Rica and subsequent extradition to the United States.

Armstrong’s trial was a high-profile affair, punctuated by her attempts to escape custody and suppress evidence. Despite her pleas of not guilty, she was convicted of first-degree murder on November 16, 2023, and sentenced to 90 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after 30 years.

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