What Happened to Angela Bledsloe? Case Background

Angela Bledsoe Background

Angela Bledsoe was a notable figure in her community, led a life marked by professional success and personal challenges. A graduate of Florida A&M University, Bledsoe had a distinguished career in finance, working with prominent institutions like Chase Manhattan Bank and JPMorgan Chase. Later, she served as a financial consultant at Securities America in New York City. Despite her professional achievements, Bledsoe’s personal life was fraught with complexities, especially regarding her relationship with James Ray III.

Escalating Concerns and The Incident

In Montclair, New Jersey, the events leading to Angela Bledsoe’s death began to unfold with alarming signs. Her sister, Lisa LaBoo, and cousin, Brooke Dean, expressed deepening concerns for her safety amidst her troubled relationship with James Ray III. LaBoo’s urgent text to Bledsoe on October 12, 2018, “ANGIE, YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THERE ASAP,” highlighted the gravity of the situation.

Despite the evident danger, Bledsoe hesitated to leave Ray. Journal entries and text messages revealed her conflicted feelings and the influence of their shared daughter on her decisions. A family conference call, involving LaBoo and Dean, emphasized the urgency to leave Ray and seek safety.

Ray admitted to shooting Bledsoe on October 22, 2018, claiming self-defense. This claim was contrary to the fears expressed by Bledsoe’s family about Ray’s behavior and threats. Bledsoe and Ray, who were not married but shared a daughter, lived together in a house on North Mountain Avenue. Bledsoe’s involvement with Bakari Burns added complexity to her relationship with Ray.

Legal Proceedings and Differing Narratives

The trial brought to light two contrasting narratives. Bledsoe’s journal entries, read in court, expressed her longing for a loving relationship and regret over her involvement with Ray, who was already married when they met.

The prosecution presented a detailed account of the crime scene, suggesting that Ray staged it to make it appear as if Bledsoe was holding a gun. Forensic evidence was used to dispute Ray’s claims of self-defense, portraying Bledsoe as a victim of a premeditated, violent attack.

The defense depicted Bledsoe as the aggressor, suggesting Ray acted in self-defense when she allegedly pointed a gun at him. They also highlighted aspects of Bledsoe’s personal life, including her relationships and financial struggles, to challenge the prosecution’s narrative.

Ray was found guilty on all counts in Angela Bledsoe’s murder. The jury’s decision, based on extensive evidence and testimonies, was swift. However, Ray’s subsequent death in custody, awaiting sentencing, added a final, somber note to the case.


Angela Bledsoe’s life and untimely death highlight the often-hidden complexities and dangers within domestic relationships. Her story serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of domestic violence and the importance of taking early warning signs seriously. The Montclair community, and beyond, continues to feel the reverberations of this tragic event.

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