Where is Hitman Joevan Joseph Now? 2024 Update & Background

Joevan Joseph’s early life details are sparse in the public domain, primarily coming into focus due to his involvement in the high-profile murder case of Makeva Jenkins. Before this case, Joseph was relatively unknown, with little public information available about his upbringing, education, or personal history. What catapulted him into the spotlight was his admission of guilt in a murder-for-hire plot, revealing a troubling descent into criminal activity. His background before the crime does not provide clear indicators of his future actions, making his participation in such a heinous act all the more shocking to the public and those who knew him.

The circumstances that led Joseph to commit murder are complex and multifaceted. It is known that at the time of the crime, Joseph was in a precarious financial situation, which may have made the offer from Euri Jenkins particularly enticing. The decision to accept money in exchange for committing murder points to a significant moral and ethical lapse, as well as a desperate financial situation. However, without detailed knowledge of Joseph’s life leading up to the crime, it is difficult to fully understand the factors that influenced his decision to participate in the murder of Makeva Jenkins.

The Murder of Makeva Jenkins

On June 29, 2017, Joevan Joseph played a central role in a tragic event that ended the life of Makeva Jenkins, a 33-year-old pregnant mother of three. Joseph, acting on a murder-for-hire agreement, broke into Jenkins’ home near Lantana, Florida, and fatally shot her while she slept. This act was the culmination of a plot orchestrated by Jenkins’ husband, Euri Jenkins, who sought to collect on a $500,000 life insurance policy. Joseph’s admission to the crime and his detailed account of the events that night were pivotal in uncovering the truth behind what initially seemed to be a home invasion gone wrong.

Joseph testified that he had been offered $20,000 by Euri Jenkins to commit the murder, a sum that ultimately led him to carry out the act. He described purchasing a handgun for $60, dressing in black clothing, and using a T-shirt as a makeshift mask before entering the Jenkins’ home. His cold and calculated actions, including the deliberate shooting of Makeva Jenkins in the head, were recounted in court, painting a chilling picture of the lengths to which he was willing to go to complete the job he was paid to do.

Legal Proceedings and Current Status

Following his arrest, Joevan Joseph cooperated with the authorities and played a key role in the prosecution of Euri Jenkins. His testimony provided critical evidence that helped secure Jenkins’ conviction for first-degree murder. In recognition of his cooperation, Joseph was sentenced to 15 years in prison during a hearing before Circuit Court Judge Kirk Volker, with the sentence accounting for nearly five years of time already served since his detention in 2017. Additionally, Joseph was ordered to complete 10 years of probation following his prison term, a part of his plea agreement for pleading guilty to second-degree murder.

As of now, Joevan Joseph is serving his sentence in prison, a consequence of his actions and his involvement in the murder of Makeva Jenkins. His case serves as a grim reminder of the devastating impact of crime, not only on the victims and their families but also on those who choose to engage in such acts. The legal outcomes of the case, including Joseph’s sentencing, underscore the justice system’s efforts to address and penalize criminal behavior, while also highlighting the role of cooperation and plea agreements in prosecuting complex cases.


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