Where is Joseph Scott Hatley Now? 2024 Update & Background

Joseph Scott Hatley’s name became infamously linked to a heinous crime that shocked the small town of Stephenville, Texas. His involvement in the 1987 murder of Susan Woods, a case that remained unsolved for nearly two decades, reveals a complex and disturbing history. This article examines Hatley’s background, the crime he committed, and his life following his incarceration.

Early Life and Background

Joseph Scott Hatley grew up in Stephenville, a community where he was known as a regular, unassuming individual. His early life gave few indications of the criminal path he would eventually take. Described by those who knew him as average and seemingly unremarkable, Hatley’s transition from an ordinary town resident to a convicted murderer was a source of shock and bewilderment to many.

The Crime and Investigation

In 1987, the brutal rape and murder of Susan Woods sent shockwaves through Stephenville. Found in her bathtub, the initial suspicion fell on her estranged husband, Michael Woods, particularly due to their contentious divorce. The focus on Michael exemplified a recurring narrative where immediate acquaintances or former partners often become prime suspects in crimes against women.

In a disturbing twist of fate, Hatley attended Susan Woods’ funeral, even signing the guest book, while suspicion continued to cloud Michael Woods. For two decades, Michael lived under the shadow of accusation, a testament to the painful consequences of misdirected suspicion.

The breakthrough in the case came with the advent of sophisticated DNA analysis techniques. In 2006, Detective Don Miller utilized the FBI’s new electronic fingerprint database, leading to a match that shifted focus to Joseph Scott Hatley. This pivotal use of technology underscores its growing importance in solving crimes and exonerating the innocent.

Where Is Joseph Scott Hatley Now?

In a controversial turn of events, Joseph Scott Hatley was released from prison in 2018 after serving only 11 years of his 30-year sentence. His release, attributed to factors such as prison overcrowding, was met with public outcry, particularly from Susan Woods’ family and friends.

Following his release, Hatley reportedly resided in a halfway house in Midland, Texas, for several months. Hatley’s life came to an end in 2021 at the age of 56. Reportedly found dead in his trailer house, he had been diagnosed with cancer and chose to take his own life.


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