Where is Larry Rudolph Now? 2024 Update & Background

Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph was born and raised in Pennsylvania, where he eventually pursued a career in dentistry. Graduating from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, Larry established himself as a competent and ambitious dentist. In 2006, he founded Three Rivers Dental, a chain of dental practices that grew to become a multimillion-dollar enterprise, solidifying his reputation in the field.

Larry’s success in dentistry allowed him and his family to enjoy a comfortable and affluent lifestyle. He married Bianca Rudolph, and together they had two children, Julian and AnaBianca. The couple shared a passion for big game hunting, frequently traveling to various exotic locations for hunting expeditions, which became a significant part of their lives.

Personal Life and Hunting Interests

Larry and Bianca Rudolph were known in their community as avid big game hunters. Their shared interest in hunting led them to numerous expeditions around the world, including Africa. Larry’s expertise and enthusiasm for the sport were well-documented, and he often spoke about the thrill and challenge of big game hunting.

Despite his professional success and adventurous lifestyle, Larry’s personal life was marked by complexities. It was later revealed that he had a long-term extramarital affair with Lori Milliron, his office manager. This affair, which spanned over a decade, became a pivotal aspect of the events that unfolded after Bianca’s tragic death in 2016.

The Incident and Legal Troubles

In late September 2016, Larry and Bianca traveled to Zambia for a hunting trip in Kafue National Park. On October 11, 2016, Bianca was found dead from a shotgun wound to the chest. Larry claimed that she accidentally discharged the shotgun while packing it, and Zambian authorities initially ruled the death an accidental discharge. However, the circumstances surrounding the incident soon led to suspicions.

Friends and family of Bianca, aware of her Catholic faith and wishes against cremation, were alarmed when they learned about her cremation. They informed the FBI about Larry’s affair and past instances of verbal abuse. An investigation by U.S. authorities revealed significant inconsistencies and raised questions about Larry’s involvement in his wife’s death.

Arrest and Trial

In December 2021, Larry Rudolph was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife and mail fraud for collecting $4.8 million in life insurance. The trial, held in U.S. District Court in Denver, presented evidence of Larry’s decade-long affair with Lori Milliron and his financial motives. Witness testimonies, forensic analysis, and details of the insurance policies were crucial elements of the prosecution’s case.

Despite Larry’s claims that Bianca’s death was an accident, the jury found him guilty of both charges. Larry was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Bianca and an additional 20 years for mail fraud, with the sentences to run concurrently. Lori Milliron was also found guilty of being an accessory to murder and committing perjury, receiving a 17-year prison sentence.

Current Status and Impact

Larry Rudolph is currently serving his life sentence in a federal prison. His conviction marked the culmination of years of legal battles and investigations that revealed a complex web of deceit and financial motives behind Bianca’s death. The trial and subsequent sentencing brought some closure to the case, but it also highlighted the tragic consequences of Larry’s actions on his family and those close to Bianca.

The case of Larry Rudolph serves as a stark reminder of how personal and financial entanglements can lead to devastating outcomes. His once-thriving dental empire and adventurous lifestyle have been overshadowed by the criminal acts that led to his downfall. The legacy of his actions continues to affect his children, who have had to navigate the emotional and legal aftermath of their father’s crimes.


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