“‘The Hungryland Homicide”: ’20/20’ Reports on Tricia Todd Homicide May 3 2024

ABC’s investigative show, “20/20,” brings viewers a deep dive into the case of Tricia Todd in its episode “The Hungryland Homicide.” Co-anchor Deborah Roberts meticulously guides the audience through the twists and turns of this chilling case, laying out the intricate details of the investigation. The episode features exclusive interviews with those closest to Tricia, including her mother, Rebecca Hasselbach, her brothers Jonathan and Joshua Todd, and her best friend, Marnie McCartney. These interviews help unravel the enigmatic story of Tricia’s life, her tragic death, and the subsequent pursuit of justice.

To piece together the events, the episode features insights from key law enforcement personnel such as Sgt. Dan DuLac and Lt. Yesenia Carde of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, alongside State Attorney Tom Bakkedahl. Together, they provide a thorough overview of the investigation that followed Tricia’s disappearance and the dark journey to uncover the truth about her untimely death.

The Disappearance: The Last Day of Tricia Todd

Tricia Todd was last seen on April 26, 2016. The day appeared normal, with Tricia spending time with her ex-husband, Steven Williams, and their daughter. But the next day, when she didn’t pick up her daughter from the babysitter, alarm bells started ringing. Her car was found across the street from her house, with groceries still in the bag and the keys left inside. All signs indicated that she had left with the intention of returning soon.

A neighbor saw Tricia leave in her car the night before, and further investigations showed she had been at the Airbnb where Williams was staying. Williams admitted she had visited but claimed she left shortly after. Despite his assertion of ignorance about her whereabouts, authorities learned from Tricia’s journal that she had feared Williams due to his violent behavior during their marriage.

The Investigation: Unraveling the Mystery

Law enforcement officials scrutinized Tricia’s phone records, surveillance footage, and her diary to uncover the truth. The evidence pointed toward Williams, with footage showing him driving both his car and Tricia’s car the night she disappeared. Despite his initial denials, he eventually admitted to knowing more than he first claimed. His story changed repeatedly before finally confessing that Tricia was dead.

Williams revealed that he had meticulously planned Tricia’s murder. He purchased a chainsaw and acid months before the crime and even pre-dug a hole in the Hungryland Wildlife Reserve to hide her remains. He brutally attacked her when she arrived to pick up their daughter, initially attempting to strangle her before beating her with a club and finally choking her to death. He dismembered her body, placed it in a tub filled with acid, and buried it in the pre-dug hole.

The Legal Proceedings: Williams’ Conviction

Despite the overwhelming evidence and his confession, Williams managed to avoid the death penalty. He agreed to a plea deal, pleading guilty to second-degree murder in exchange for leading investigators to Tricia’s body. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his heinous crime. The judge emphasized that the plea deal was crucial in uncovering the true extent of Williams’ depravity and providing some closure for Tricia’s family.

Tricia Todd’s death left a lasting impact on her family and the Hobe Sound community. Her life, once full of promise and hope, was cut short by an act of unimaginable cruelty. Her family, while mourning her loss, expressed hope that Williams’ rehabilitation might prevent further tragedies. The “20/20” episode shines a light on this tragic case, underscoring the enduring need for justice in the face of domestic violence and the importance of remembering Tricia Todd’s legacy.

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